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Women sleeping comfortably on a natural Talalay latex mattress.

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  • Boulder Comforts is proud to have been the premier retailer on the Front Range of Colorado for organic and all natural products since 1985.
  • We supply the same natural latex mattresses, natural latex toppers, organic and natural bedding, and custom foams available online at
  • Our natural latex mattresses and latex toppers are available in a wide range of firmness options and sizes on our showroom floor.
  • Simply put, Boulder residents take their healthy seriously, and our retail store, Boulder Comforts, has been dedicated to supplying the Front Range with the finest natural sleeping products to insure the health of your entire family.

  • has been the online presence for Boulder Comforts for almost 20 years, serving thousands of satisfied customers throughout the US. 

  • We are a family owned business dedicated to delivering unparalleled personal service to our customers, ensuring their purchases fit their individual comfort needs.

  • Your body will be thanking you for restful and comfortable sleep for many years to come, when you choose any of our organic and natural products.

  • Explore our full range of products at FoamSource, you deserve a restful night's sleep!


Detailed view of 10 inch latex mattress showing 3 layers of natural Talalay latex.

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Designing and Building Custom Natural Latex Mattresses

  • At Boulder Comforts, natural latex mattresses are our specialty, designed and assembled in our Boulder, CO warehouse to your personal specifications.
  • We pride ourselves on our long term relationships with both our customers and the two premier vendors of 100% natural latex, Talalay Global for their premium 100% natural Talalay latex, and Latex Green for 100% natural Dunlop latex.
  • You cannot find the combination of natural latex mattress options, lowest prices, personal service and the highest BBB ratings, anywhere else but Boulder Comforts. Your sleep is our business!
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Personal Service from Our Experienced Staff


  • We're focused on one thing: Your satisfaction. All of our selling and follow-up is done by a small, highly experienced staff.
  • Need to talk with the same person who took your order? That will never be a problem. Need more information before you purchase? Use our extensive information resources, live chat on our website, or give us a call during working hours.
  • At FoamSource you always benefit from our knowledge and decades of experience in helping customers when ordering custom foam, latex foam, and our natural latex mattresses. 
  • Our commitment to quality has made us a mainstay when customers are looking for custom sized mattresses for RVs and campers, bedding and custom foam, as well as the finest natural latex mattresses available in the US.
  • Run into any type of problem with your order, let us know, immediately, and we'll bend over backwards to straighten out the problem. After all, you're part of the FoamSource family now.