Aerus Memory Foam Toppers

FoamSource features our flagship Aerus 5lb memory foam 2" and 3" toppers. The Aerus memory foam sleeps cooler than traditional memory foams.

Special open-cell formulation promotes faster heat dissipation and enhanced airflow, and is made with portions of natural-based ingredients which support environmental sustainability.



Take A Closer Look

  • Developed by Nasa, Visco-elastic memory foam was engineered to protect astronauts when they were subjected to high g-force during a launch.
  • Aerus Natural TM Memory Foam is produced in the USA by Foamex, the leading manufacturer of Memory Foam products in North America.
  • Concerned about sleeping hot on memory foam and, at the same time, loving the conforming support, then Aerus is your answer. Tests have shown that Aerus Memory Foam circulates air up to eight times more effectively than other memory foam products.
  • Cooler Sleep Surface achieved through the unique Open-Cell technology for enhanced breathability and heat dissipation
  • The line of Aerus toppers conforms to your body completely, giving you unparalleled support and maximum comfort.
  • Manufactured using a patented VPFSM process that produces virtually zero emissions during the production process.