Experience the Comfort of a Latex Mattress Topper

Try the Sleeping Comfort of a Natural Latex Mattress Topper


Latex is an extremely durable and a latex topper will last for many years of use, generally lasting longer than even the finest conventional inner spring mattress. We encourage customers to consider the use of an existing topper as a component for use in building a full latex mattress at a later date. Remember that latex is a very different material than anything else that is used in mattress construction and can literally be considered as an investment in your long term sleeping comfort.

Close up of natural Talalay latex toppers which can be sized to fit any mattress.

Add a Natural Latex Topper to Your Existing Mattress

Ready to experience the benefits is the natural latex? Add a 2” or 3” latex mattress topper to your existing mattress.

It is important that the topper isn’t used in an attempt to compensate for a mattress that has lost its support or has begun to sag.

The best mattress surface for a topper allows the layer of latex to act as a pillowtop, with the mattress supplying the support and firmness for your body.

Latex distributes weight and relieves pressure points as well or better than the best memory foam and provides additional qualities not found in memory foam.

Latex is a more durable material than memory foam and is does not have the common problem of sleeping hot associated with memory foam. 


The Benefits of a Latex Topper


Mattress toppers made from latex are popular with people that wake up to pressure points and joint pain. These latex toppers reduce the nighttime stress that accompanies a mattress that is too firm. The addition of a natural latex topper can improve the quality of your sleep on a traditional mattress.

While memory foam toppers often sleep hot, a latex mattress topper provides a cooler surface, with better air flow for a more comfortable nights sleep. Natural latex also means your topper is resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites. Natural latex is anti-microbial and makes an excellent hypoallergenic mattress topper option.

This durable latex mattress topper will cushion your mattress without losing its shape or leaving body impressions, for many years to come. A latex topper gives you many of the benefits of a latex mattress, at a more affordable price, and can be easily be moved to new mattress.

Natural Talalay latex topper detailed view.