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Consult our experienced staff to create your ideal natural latex mattress by determining the perfect firmness for your size, weight, and sleeping position.
If you are like most of the public, and trying to get more use out of your mattress than it was designed to provide, a new mattress is often a healthy change.
Choose from our large selection of custom cushion shapes, and a wide selection of foams, including natural latex and memory foam, that can be priced and ordered online.
The importance of sleep health cannot be understated, as a sound night's sleep is necessary to thrive in a busy and stressful life. Learn how to create successful sleep habits.
A comprehensive guide to understanding the different qualities of Talalay latex vs. Dunlop latex, and to making an educated choice for the latex in your latex mattress.
The use of a natural latex mattress can protect your family from numerous toxins found in conventional mattresses, including petrochemicals and flame retardants.
Choose from a wide variety of foam options for that perfect cushion, mattress or V-berth.
We post our current Oeko-Tex certificates and advise consumers to become familiar with the tested "article", which determines the actual natural latex content!
Helpful information for entering dimensions, choosing materials, adding layers, pricing and ordering custom cushions!
Using these simple guidelines will protect your investment in a natural latex mattress, and assure that it will give you a long a useful life.