Keep VOCs Out of Your Sleeping Environment


Your Family Sleeps Safe on Natural Latex Mattresses

The natural latex mattress is a safe and healthy alternative to conventional mattresses. Most conventional mattress contain some combination of VOCs, resulting from the use of petroleum based petrochemicals, plastic, vinyl's and flame retardants. The problem with VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), particularly from flame retardants, is that find their way into the dust in our homes and because we are always touching surfaces where these chemicals are found, our hands pick them up and we inadvertently ingest them. We also breathe them in at night when we are sleeping.

A natural latex mattress completely removes these VOCs from your sleeping environment, and these benefits are particularly important when growing children are present. Most people don't know that natural wool (untreated) is a natural flame retardant, it also has added benefits, it resists mildew, dust and dust mite droppings. Natural latex is made from rubber trees. Be sure the latex is 100% natural, there far too many latex blends on the market that can include petroleum-based polyurethane or styrene, a possible human carcinogen.


Natural Latex is Safe, Comfortable and Extremely Durable

The beauty of a natural latex mattress is its simplicity. Because natural latex offers unsurpassed sleeping comfort, no additional support or comfort layers are necessary. Latex is layered to provide different firmness combinations. All that is necessary to complete the mattress is an organic mattress cover, using organic wool batting for a natural fire retardant. Natural wool has the additional quality of regulating body temperature, and has been proven to decrease restless sleeping.