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FoamSource is here to save you from restless, sleepless nights. Family owned and operated since 1985, we offer custom foam mattresses and cushions, latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers, and natural bedding.
At FoamSource, our goal has always been that "we want your family to sleep as well as ours."

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The FoamSource Difference


Producing quality foam products since 1985, we have designed and manufactured thousands of of custom mattresses and cushions, most of them made to order. Our foam choices include a wide range of polyurethane foams, including memory foam, and the premium natural Talalay latex foam used in our popular Nu-Lex Natural Latex mattresses.

Our Custom Cushion Interface makes pricing and ordering custom foam for mattresses and cushions a click away, and we can cut custom shapes from your templates or diagrams. Our staff has decades of experience in helping our customers to the best possible designs and foam choices for your custom mattresses and cushions.


Women sleeping comfortably on a natural Talalay latex mattress.

FoamSource Latex Mattresses

Layering Options Create the Perfect Individual Firmness

  • Our 100% natural Talalay latex mattresses are the cumulation of over 30 years of designing latex mattresses.

  • They feature the finest possible botanical latex, with absolutely no synthetic content, covered in organic cotton, with wool batting from the Woolgatherer Carding Mill.

  • Our unique layering options have evolved over the years to create the most comfortable, and adjustable, natural latex mattresses designs.

  • Simply the finest mattresses available for purity, comfort and durability, with a wide variety of firmness options to create the perfect mattress for every individual!


FoamSource Specializes in Custom Mattresses

Design Your Mattress with Our Experienced Staff

  • FoamSource builds premium quality custom mattresses, cushions and mattress toppers in sizes to fit your RV, boat, cabin, or European frames.

  • Pick from a wide variety of polyurethane foams, memory foam, and natural latex. We can create layered mattresses from any combination of these materials.

  • We can cut the angles necessary for custom RV and boat mattresses, cushions or mattress toppers from customer supplied templates or diagrams.

  • We have decades of experience in designing custom mattresses, from a wide variety of materials, and our design services are free of charge.

Custom mattress are designed to your specifications for RVs, campers and boats from a wide range of materials, including natural latex, memory foam and polyurethane foam.
Custom mattresses can be sized and cut to shape for RVs, boats and campers from customer supplied templates or diagrams.

Price and Order Custom Foam Online

  • At FoamSource you can custom build cushions and mattresses and have them shipped straight to you.

  • Order the perfect cushion for your RV, boat berths, camping pads, mattresses, or cushions to restore an old sofa or chair.

  • We can cut the angles necessary for custom RV and boat mattresses and cushions from customer supplied templates or diagrams.

  • Choose from a wide variety of foam densities and styles and enter the dimensions of your cushions for pricing.

  • We offer a wide range of polyurethane foams, including memory foam, and natural latex, for all your custom cushions needs.



“We always use FoamSource for custom made RV mattresses and cushions.  The goal at DBR Vans is to find optimal comfort in the limited space of a camper van - often in odd shapes and sizes.  The wide choice in materials and knowledgeable staff has always made our clients well rested, happy campers."

Jay Droeger DBR Vans Boulder, CO


Our Products


FoamSource is a family owned business dedicated to delivering unparalleled personal service to our customers, ensuring their purchases fit their individual comfort needs. We pride ourselves on offering the finest quality latex products to our customers, and your satisfaction is our top-most priority.

We help each of our customers to perform the necessary research, before investing in such an important upgrade for your home. Your body will be thanking you for restful and comfortable sleep for many years to come, when you choose any of FoamSource's latex mattresses, pillows, latex toppers, and bedding, or when ordering custom foam. You deserve a restful night's sleep!

Natural Latex Mattresses

Simply the most comfortable latex mattress designs available, featuring our premium all Talalay natural latex mattresses, with no synthetic content. 


Latex Mattress Topper

The best latex mattress topper, featuring 100% natural Talalay latex, adds a layer of unsurpassed comfort to your current mattress, relieving pressure points. 


Price & Order Custom Foam Online

Custom mattresses and cushions are the ideal solution for RVs, boats, campers and window seats, or to restore an old sofa or chair.


Custom Platform Frames

Platform frames are made to order from natural red oak or hard maple, offer great value, nice simple designs, and high quality.


Organic and Natural Bedding

Our bedding collection offers a broad selection of wool mattress toppers and pads, waterproof wool pads, wool comforters and cotton sheets. 


Natural and Organic Pillows

Choose from a variety of solid latex pillows, shredded latex pillows, organic wool pillows and adjustable natural wool pillows.


Visit us at our retail location in Boulder, Colorado

Local to Colorado? Visit our retail store located in Boulder, Colorado, Boulder Comforts, offering the same great natural latex mattresses, natural latex toppers and organic bedding products that you find on our website.

We offer a wide range of firmness options in our natural latex mattresses and our natural latex toppers on our showroom floor for you to find the perfect firmness for your comfort.

Shopping for custom mattresses or cushions, we have a tremendous variety of foams samples for you to select the foam best suited to your needs.