Tips To Improve Your Current Innerspring Mattress

Add a Latex Topper and Wool Mattress Pad to Your Existing Mattress

Natural Talalay latex topper detailed view.

Add a conforming layer of natural latex to reduce pressure points

  • A natural latex topper in unsurpassed at relieving pressure points, and gently conforms to your body and sleeping position. 

  • Your innerspring mattress must be in good shape, without any dips or body impressions. 

  • Buoyant and conforming, your natural latex topper will relieve the pressure points created by innerspring mattresses.

  • Not only does natural latex gently conform, but it also avoids the off-gassing of VOCs and the tendency to sleep hot that are common to memory foam. 


Add a wool mattress pad to control your body temperature

  • Wool is the world's finest thermo-regulator, keeping your mattress cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

  • Wool helps to control your body temperature by providing unequaled moisture transport, moving light moisture away from your body while you sleep.

  • Numerous studies have shown that natural wool reduces restless sleep, primarily by controlling body temperature.


Current research proves that quality sleep is vital to our health

A natural latex topper and a natural wool mattress pad are among the finest sleep products available, and they can have a huge impact on the comfort your current mattress. It is well worth the investment! Research into sleep has become a very hot topic, primarily because so many of us are suffering from various levels of sleep deprivation. The quality of your sleep has profound effect on our productivity, moods, decision making, and many aspects of physical health.