Custom Cushions for RV & Boats

Custom Cushions for RV and Boats


  • Finding the right type of cushions for RV use can be daunting –not only because of the awkward and infinitely varied sizes of free space in a recreational vehicle, but also because of the difficulty in finding a reputable and knowledgeable foam supplier.
  • FoamSource is proud to be one of the only internet sites in the country where you can custom build cushions and mattresses and have them shipped straight to you. Here you can choose from a wide variety of foam densities and styles, plug in the exact dimensions of the foam cut you need, pay for it and we will ship it at our expense.
  • If you need guidance in picking the right type of foam, we have tips and recommendations based on climate and frequency of use. Use our exclusive online custom cushion and mattress page to order online, or speak to one of our experienced sales representatives by calling 1.800.255.0181 or contact us online.
  • Custom boat mattresses and cushions and the marine environments present serious challenges to boat owners. The damp and humid climates are enough create a number of problems, but the curved structure of many boats makes finding the right cut of foam for cushions and mattresses even more difficult.
  • Fortunately, these environments are exactly where the benefits of latex realize their full potential, and the FoamSource is well-equipped to guide you through the process and create the perfect cut.
  • Any of our natural latex mattresses can be implemented for RVs and marine use.
A custom natural latex mattress can be sized and cut to customer dimensions for boats and RVs.