Custom Firmness Options Create Your Ideal Mattress

Expect Custom Firmness Options in a Latex Mattress

The perfect firmness is the most important choice for your ideal mattress...

Mattresses have improved dramatically with the introduction of layered natural latex mattresses, with a wide range of firmness options. Custom firmness options provide an enormous improvement over decades of mass manufactured, one firmness fits all mattresses.

The perfect individualized firmness should be the goal for any mattress. While many latex mattress have limited firmness choices, you should expect premium quality natural latex mattresses to be made to order. Expect expert advice from our experienced sales staff to choose from a variety of firmness options designed to provide the perfect firmness for individual size, weight, sleeping position and firmness preference.

The reason for choosing the correct firmness for foam is very simple, the response of foam changes dramatically depending on the weight, and sleeping position, of every individual. A latex mattress that feels supportive and comfortable to an individual weighing 120 lbs and sleeping on their side will be not provide sufficient support or comfort to an individual weighing 180 lbs, sleeping on their side or back.

Custom latex mattresses can be designed with different firmness options on each side of the mattress to accommodate two individuals sharing a mattress, which creates the appropriate individual firmness for couples who might vary in weight, sleeping position and firmness preferences.


The top layers of a mattress are designed to conform and relieve pressure points...

The true comfort in your mattress will come from the top "comfort" layers, an example in mass produced mattresses would be "pillow top" mattresses. The benefits of custom firmness options in premium latex mattresses truly shine in these top layers.

First, latex is the most durable of all foams, and, as anyone who has had body impressions develop in their pillow top mattress can attest, durability in the top layers is vital. Secondly, premium latex mattress offer a wide range of firmness options in the comfort layers, so they offer the personalized support that every sleeper should expect.

In a natural latex mattress, these top comfort layers offer comfortable and conforming support, relieving pressure points at the shoulders and hips, while working in perfect harmony with the latex core to perfectly align the spine. This is a very different form of mattress construction from both innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses.

In an innerspring mattress the purpose of a pillow top or euro top comfort layer is to shield you from the harsh and limited conforming ability of the innerspring core. In a memory foam mattress the foam layers allow for some contouring, but are primarily much denser support layers, which can also include some air channels to help with the heat build up from the memory foam.


A latex mattresses core is more conforming than any other mattress...

The support layer, or core, in a natural latex mattress gives the mattress its overall feel. In this layer the choices are very basic, determined by size, sleeping position and, to a lesser degree, firmness preference.

The support layer in any mattress is the thickest part of the mattress, this holds true for the springs in an innerspring mattress, the base layers in a memory foam mattresses, such as the Temper-Pedic, or the core of a latex mattress.

A latex mattress stands apart of other mattresses, as the mattress core is considerable more conforming when compared to innerspring mattresses, or the polyurethane support layers in memory foam mattresses. This is due the elastic quality of natural latex. It smoothly conforms on the surface, while offering substantial support at a deeper level.

The conforming support from the core of a natural latex mattress works in conjunction with the top comforts layers to create the ideal mattress, providing ample support at the hips and relief from pressure points at the shoulders and hips. This perfect conforming support, working in conjunction with the top comfort layers, aligns the spine for side sleepers, or provides solid conforming support at the small of the back for back sleepers. Very simply, a natural latex mattress, with perfect individualized firmness, is the ideal mattress.