When Is It Time To Replace Your Mattress?


Don't lose sleep over replacing your mattress...

Current research has clearly shown that problems with sleep health have reached epidemic proportions in the busy lives we all lead. While most research points to developing successful sleep habits, it often neglects the most important piece of furniture in our home, our mattress.

Let's start with the basics, all mattresses will breakdown over time. It's not a sales ploy that all major manufacturers of innerspring mattresses suggest that you replace your mattress every seven years. When mattresses breakdown they typically lose support at your hips and mid-section, where most of your weight is centered. Generally the first clue to this loss of support is lower back discomfort.


Lower back pain, pressure points at the shoulders & hips, oh no!

Tossing and turning, just can't get comfortable during the night, but still sleeping on the same old mattress? Now, if your mattress suddenly felt this way overnight, you'd realize that something was seriously wrong, that somehow your mattress had "died."

Unfortunately, the breakdown of a mattress happens slowly, and you adapt to the discomfort without realizing the culprit, your mattress. So, on and on it goes, another restless night, hard to be productive at work, maybe another cup of coffee will do the trick. Yes, it is time to replace your mattress!

A Comfortable Mattress Just Makes Sense


First, change your perception of your mattress, no other piece of furniture in your house, or your car seats, not even your TV, will get the use that you expect from your mattress. Sure, budgets are tight, however to scrimp and save money by delaying the purchase of a new mattress, or by purchasing a series of poorly built, inexpensive mattresses, is detrimental to your health.

Instead, take the time to research and explore the benefits that newer styles of mattresses can provide, particularly mattresses that replace the innerspring coils with high quality foam. Now, quality foams, which include high density polyurethane foam, memory foam and latex foam, are not as inexpensive as steel coils, however, the durability of the best foam mattresses is far superior to an innerspring mattress.

Knowing that foam is more conforming and comfortable, many manufacturers have designed mattresses with "pillow tops," using various layers of foam to reduce pressure points. Unfortunately, the "pillow top" often breaks down before the springs, as foams of lesser quality and lower densities are often layered together, simply to lower manufacturing costs.


Do your body and your health a favor by choosing a high quality mattress...

It's time to elevate your mattress to the king (or queen) of all your home furnishings, you owe it to yourselves and your family. Current research into sleep health has not only shown that the majority of us have less than optimal sleep, but also how important quality sleep is to our health and productivity. It's simple, better sleep, better life.

If you've explored our website, and looked at the research we've posted, then you already know we consider natural latex foam to be the finest mattress material available. Natural latex is simply the most comfortable and durable of all manufactured foams, with firmness levels that can be easily adjusted for the individual. We all sleep on latex mattresses, and we are serious when we say "we want your family to sleep as well as ours."

Everyone will have a different preference for the style and type of mattress that best suits them. Our advice is to not underestimate the difference that high quality sleep will make in your life. If you are uncomfortable on your current mattress, wishing it felt the same way as when it was new, don't try to see if it will last a little longer, it's time to replace your mattress!