Natural Slumber 6" Dunlop Latex Mattress

Detailed view of 6 inch latex mattress showing a solid core of natural Talalay latex.
Close up view of latex mattress with organic cover being unzipped.

The 6" Natural Slumber Mattress combines a natural Dunlop latex core with our premium mattress cover, made from organic cotton and Eco Wool.

Our Natural Slumber 6" mattress is a all natural latex mattress with a 6" Dunlop core from Latex Green. 

The 6" Natural Slumber mattress is a popular starter mattress for children, and offers ample support for adults.





30 Years of Experience

We have over 30 years of experience selecting the highest quality latex from the best vendors in the marketplace.

natural materials

Natural Materials

We use only all natural Dunlop latex manufactured by Latex Green, from 100% botanical latex harvested from rubber trees.


60 Day Comfort Exchange

We offer a 60 Day Comfort Exchange, which allows you to fine-tune the firmness of your latex mattress, if necessary.

made to order

Made to Order

Every mattress is made to order for individual's firmness preferences, providing personalized comfort & support, custom sizes available.


Latex mattresses offer the perfect firmness options for all family members.

Latex Mattresses Offer the Perfect Individualized Firmness


The perfect firmness is the most important consideration in any mattress, and must be based on size, weight and sleeping position.

The layering options in quality natural latex mattresses provide a wide range of firmness choices for every individual. 

The latex mattress sales professionals in our retail store draw on years of experience to guide our online customers to that perfect individual firmness choice. 

FoamSource also offers a free 60 day comfort exchange, to dial in a perfect firmness, if necessary.

100% Natural Talalay Latex 


At FoamSource we choose 100% natural Talalay latex for our flagship mattress line, the Nu-Lex natural Talalay latex mattresses.

Online, and in our Boulder showroom, our customers agree, almost unanimously choosing the all Talalay Nu-Lex over all other natural latex mattresses.

We have been designing and manufacturing latex mattresses for over 25 years, and consider 100% natural Talalay latex the finest available latex.

No other latex matches the comfortable, resilient and conforming properties of Talalay latex, both in the mattress core and the top comfort layers.

A close-up image of natural latex being collected from the rubber tree.


Take A Closer Look

Natural Latex

The 6" Natural Slumber mattresses use only natural Dunlop latex from 100% botanical latex harvested from rubber trees. Rubber trees are a sustainable, renewable resource, and very environmentally friendly.

Organic Cover

Our Natural Slumber mattress covers use a  soft organic cotton knit, free from pesticides fertilizers, and chemical dyes. The finest possible wool batting is provided by the Woolgatherer Carding Mill, using only sustainable, locally sourced wool.

Look Inside

A 6" supportive Dunlop latex core.


10 year limited warranty.

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